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Kirsten Okinsky
Kristen Okinsky

Instructional Leader

As a member of the Defined team, Kirsten Okinsky continues to support educators and students by writing content and leading professional development for Defined Learning and Defined Careers. She enjoyed delivering virtual and hands-on face-to-face professional learning opportunities to reach as many educators and students as possible. She strongly believes that a hands-on and student-centered approach to learning creates successful opportunities for students. 

Kirsten has been in the educational arena for more than 20 years with international and local experience. Her experience has ranged from classroom teaching, special education, Title I, and outdoor education, to educational advocacy, all while creating as many student-centered, hands-on activities as possible. She earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction while teaching, which allowed for more teaching and learning opportunities to assist and support teachers and students. Most recently, she was excited to be able to use PBL and the work of Defined to facilitate programs for at-risk students during and after school.

Kirsten currently resides outside Norfolk, Virginia. She enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs, exploring the outdoors, and traveling.