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High-quality Project Based Learning for all.

At Defined, our mission is to drive student engagement and achievement through real-world project-based learning. We provide teachers with the tools they need to implement high-quality PBL that builds future-ready skills.

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For Administrators

Boost Student Engagement and Achievement.

Custom-tailored projects for the entire K-12 spectrum. Support district standards while expanding student initiative and drive. An affordable, easily integratable, and a proven solution backed by 13 years of growth.

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For Teachers

Incorporate Projects for all Levels.

Engaging, hands-on activities reinforce classroom concepts while giving students agency in real-world scenarios. Customizable programming creates opportunities for extracurricular work—and reframing for struggling students.

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For Students

Step into your future.

Discover your passions by facing different challenges. Explore a day in the life of any career, from a doctor’s quick thinking to a toy designer’s creative experimentation.

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Whether you are searching for supplementary materials or a new approach to project-based learning, Defined is here to help. Click below for free 30-day access to a demo of one of our projects.

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