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The Research Supports Project Based Learning

Since 2000, researchers have found project-based learning (PBL) increases learner mastery, retention, rigor, and problem-solving abilities. Studies across a variety of grades, incomes, genders, and subjects indicate PBL reinforces educational concepts not only in the classroom, but in afterschool programming and remote learning as well.

Students utilizing Defined solutions show significant improvements across multiple subjects, no matter their skill level or financial background.

Students Who Engage in PBL Outperform Their Peers

In an independent study comparing schools that implemented PBL by Defined to schools that did not, the data analysis revealed that students in a DL PBL environment outperformed their peers in non-PBL classes. An increase in performance was identified at all grade levels included in the study in both reading and mathematics.

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PBL Enhances Student Motivation and Engagement

Research by Mida Learning Technologies showed after utilizing Defined Learning performance tasks in science classes for one year, teachers saw improvements in students’ engagement and motivation. Additionally, students who used project-based learning outperformed their peers in critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Assessments revealed students who engaged in PBL through Defined Learning outperformed their peers by over +5 points.
  • Second-graders using PBL and Defined Learning achieved +49% higher scores than those in a traditional direct-instruction classroom.
  • A fifth-grade group using Defined Learning outperformed the control group by +39%.

Stanford University Study

Project-based learning isn’t only for STEM; it aids students in connecting concepts in all school subjects. According to a study by Stanford University, sixth-grade students’ math and science assessment scores improved after engaging in PBL. Social studies and English language scores increased as well.

English as a second language (ESL) students in PBL classrooms scored up to 28 percentage points higher than their peers on language proficiency tests, even though PBL lessons were not geared towards language learning.


Increase Student Test Scores

Students of all backgrounds are seeing statistically significant results when engaged in project based learning with Defined.

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