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Project-based learning is the key to the future. Through hands-on education... 

Students gain perspective
Teachers reinforce critical lessons
Administrators see increases in test scores and student engagement.

Defined gives educators the tools they need to bring applied learning to the students in the classroom, via zoom, or after school.

Personalized projects, career exploration, and authentic learning. That’s Defined.

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Case Studies

The proof is in the feedback. Thousands of teachers and administrators have transformed their students’ approach to learning and careers with Defined solutions.

Here are just a few of the many educators who use Defined to build their students’ skills for college, career, and life to come.



After 20 years of research, it’s clear that project-based learning is an essential part of education. Since 2000, PBL has been found to increase mastery, retention, understanding, and problem-solving.

MIDA Learning’s studies on Defined solutions found the same benefits, including improvements in engagement and motivation. The research spells it out clearly: PBL helps students.


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In a rapidly changing world, students deserve every advantage. Defined’s practical approach to learning is proven on the page—and in the classroom. Take your curriculum into the real world.