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Deeper Learning in Computer Science & STEM 

Computer science and STEM are essential for almost every career in today’s world and are key to expanding opportunities for all students. Our mission is to help educators provide K-12 students with meaningful learning opportunities in computer science and STEM. 

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Our Evidence-Based Approach

Defined provides teachers and students with computer science and STEM projects that are based on authentic situations in STEM careers. Each project asks students to conduct a performance task using their classroom knowledge and skills to solve a real-world problem.

Defined's engaging projects excite students about computer science and STEM careers and empower them to build the future-ready skills they need to succeed.


Career-Connected Computer Science and STEM Projects for K-12

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Grades 3-5

Computer Science Grade 3-5 Sample Project

This project places the student in the role of a senior designer for a toy company whose team is responsible for creating a customizable toy for children ages 6-12.  


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Grades 6-8

Computer Science Grade 6-8 Sample Project


This project places the student in the role of a cybersecurity specialist working for a large company and are in charge of employee education in online safety measures.

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Grades 9-12

Computer Science Grade 9-12 Sample Project

This project places the student in the role of an artificial intelligence engineer working for a ride-sharing company who has to design a system that allows users to locate, access, and pay for available rides. 

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Grades K-2

STEM Grade K-2 Sample Project


This project places students in the role of a food waste specialist who has to find ways to waste less food at your school.

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Grades 3-5

STEM Grade 3-5 Sample Project  

In this project, students take the role of an aeronautical engineer designing airplanes to meet certain design criteria and constraints. 

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Grades 6-8

STEM Grade 6-8 Sample Project

This project has students in the role of an architect who works for a firm known for its innovative and creative designs. They are tasked with reimagining the Burger Queen Fun Zone spaces across the country.

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Grades 9-12

STEM Grade 9-12 Sample Project

This project places students in the role of a Traffic Accident Investigator who has been hired by the District Attorney's Office to set up an accident scene investigation unit with a neighboring town’s police department. 

Empower Teachers with Research-Based Programs 

School districts across the country are driving student engagement and achievement in computer science through hands-on PBL.  

To learn more about how educators are making computer science learning meaningful through PBL, read the latest research...

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Put Your Students on a Path to a Promising Future

Help your students explore computer science and learn how it can impact their lives and open up a door of opportunities. Connect with us to learn more!

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