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Computer Science 

Computer science is essential for almost every career in today’s world and is key to expanding opportunities for all students. Our mission is to help educators engage K-12 students in computer science through Project-Based Learning (PBL). Our standards-aligned projects help students explore the impacts of computers on our daily lives and excite them about future opportunities. 

computer science in the classroom

Our Approach

Defined's computer science PBL includes hands-on projects that are based on real-world situations in STEM careers to give K-12 students the opportunity to apply standards and skills across subject areas. Our engaging projects include career-connected tasks that highlight computational thinking, problem-solving, and application of computing skills, such as coding.

Defined’s computer science PBL  empowers students to build the critical skills they need to succeed in college, careers, and life.

Engaging All Students in Computer Science

Each computer science project asks students to conduct a performance task using their classroom knowledge and skills to solve a real-world problem. The tasks empower learners to achieve and demonstrate competency using technology applications.

These engaging real-world projects are designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply standards and future-ready skills across subject areas.




Computer Science PBL

Supporting Data

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Put Your Students on a Path to a Promising Future

Computer science is essential for almost every career in today’s world and is key to expanding knowledge and opportunities for students nationwide. Help your students explore computer science and learn how it can impact their lives and open up a door of opportunities.

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