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Funding Resources for your School

Find funding correlated to Defined's solutions that drive student engagement and achievement. Download this guide to learn more.

Resources You Can Use

There are seven types of funding readily available for public schools and most of the dollars are still waiting to be allocated. If the resources are there, they should be put to use. Look through the types of funding below and see where your students can benefit.


ESSER I/ESSER II funds are allocated to address the impact of COVID-19 on K12 schools. Districts can use their ESSER I/ESSER II funds toward materials to address learning loss, formative and summative assessments, technology, professional development, summer school activities, and social-emotional learning (SEL) programs. Defined programs are designed to work in any learning environment, so you can use PBL to get your students back on track.

Title I, A

The Title I formula allocates funds to improve basic programs and ensure economically and socially disadvantaged students receive equal opportunity access to a quality education. Defined works as a student equalizer. Project based learning allows every student to shine in their own area of interest.

Title II

Title II funds are allocated to increase academic achievement by improving teacher and principal quality. Defined Academy offers comprehensive professional development and credentials, where Title II funds can be deployed.

Title III

Title III funds are allocated to help schools supplement language instruction programs so students gain proficiency in speaking, listening to, reading, and writing English. Project-based learning research shows improvement in English among ESL students, even when projects are not associated with English classes.

1003 School Improvement Funds

States determine whether to distribute 1003 funds through competitive grants or by formula. School improvement funds are directed toward the states’ lowest performing schools for Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) or Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI). Defined Learning research shows statistical improvement in test scores and can be used when applying.


The SSAE Grant is designed to help schools invest in programs to support safe and healthy students, well-rounded curriculum, and effective use of technology. Funds are distributed to local education agencies (LEAs) based on their Title I allocation. Defined Learning’s digital platform makes it an ideal candidate for SSAE funding.

Title IV, B

Title IV, B provides funds to increase access to school building services and before- and after-school programs for K–12 students attending low performing schools. Defined Learning and Defined Careers are ideal candidates for before- and after-school K-12 programming.


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