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Defined Learning

Educators are under more pressure than ever to meet district standards and boost test scores, while still giving each student personalized attention and preparing them for life after K-12. That’s a lot to balance, especially across home, school, and virtual environments. Defined Learning supports educators, students, and administrators through this challenge with easy-to-implement project based learning.

With 360 real-world, personalized PBL projects to choose from, Defined Learning molds real-world scenarios into existing, district-approved curriculums so students feel empowered to make impactful choices with the lessons they are already learning in the classroom and online.

Dive into Hands-On Learning

Reinforce Lessons without Reinventing

Defined Learning works with educators and administrators to expand student learning opportunities through project-based learning while meeting state and national standards and keeping curriculums intact. We’re here to support the great work you’re already doing.


How it Works

Defined Learning works with your curriculum and goals to create a hands-on learning environment that encourages critical thinking, creates student equity, and reinforces your lessons. 

With access to Defined Learning’s 360+ standards-aligned lessons including videos, rubrics, assessments, and support, there’s no limit to what your students can explore with project based learning.

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Getting Started: Key Components



No two students, teachers, or schools face the same challenges. We’ll work with you to discover your goals and tailor our programming to your needs.


Free trial

A free trial of our extensive project library lets you dive deeper and find the Defined tools that suit your needs.


Sample alignment

We’ll take your goals and your preferences from the trial to create a sample alignment to your district curriculum.

Supporting Data


Project-based learning builds student confidence and independence.


Students using PBL show an 8-16% increase in AP scores.


Defined Learning users reported a 49% increase in STEM scores.

Why Choose Defined Learning?

Every student learns differently and has a distinct perspective to bring to the table. 

Project based learning allows for a greater expression of individuality than can be found in traditional assignments or assessments. With little to no boundaries hampering their creativity, students can learn from each other as they collaborate on problem-solving in real time while exploring future career paths.

Take Learning into Your Own Hands

The Practical can be Inspiring

When students can see the real-world impact of their lessons, it inspires them to seek out knowledge and follow their interests. Education should be a springboard for the future, not an obstacle to overcome. Working together, we can encourage the next generation to rediscover their love of learning.

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