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Defined Careers

Middle School/High School Package

Defined Careers is a comprehensive career exploration and experience solution offering a career assessment in combination with relevant hands-on projects across all career pathways.


Defined Careers takes a holistic approach to help students discover their interests through a multidimensional assessment that assesses each student’s study preferences, interests, and values. The assessment results in a personalized list of recommended career pathways projects to help students explore and experience careers.

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Structure of a Career Course

Each career course within Defined Careers follows the same 5-lesson structure. This structure works perfectly in both synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. 

Lesson 1 - Career Cluster

In this lesson, students begin the career course by exploring the career cluster in which the student chose is associated. They view a video about the career cluster and learn about all the pathways in the cluster, and the skills of people who work in this cluster.

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Lesson 2 – Career Pathway

In this lesson students continue their exploration by learning more about the specific career pathway they chose. They view a video about the career pathway and as well as reflect on what they’ve learned about the pathway with 2 reflection questions about the career pathway.  


Lesson 3 – Career Project

In this lesson students experience a specific career through project-based learning. An introduction to the career is presented and then the Understanding by Design framework is used to present a Goal, Role, Audience, and Situation surrounding the career. Students then have 2 products that provide them with career experience. Students are able to upload their products directly into the platform, which builds their portfolios. 


Lesson 4 – Career Roadmap

In this lesson students are provided with a deep dive about the career.  Students view an engaging career video, learn about important knowledge needed to succeed in this career, the skills that need to be developed, and the education level that is required. In addition, students complete a personal budget project to assist them with personal finance literacy.


Lesson 5 – Career Review Survey

The final lesson of a career course concludes with a brief survey where students reflect on the career course they just completed and the career knowledge they’ve gained as a result.


Additional Features Available for Grades 9-12

The Defined Careers high school package includes the option to add the Common App Integration and work-based learning tools. 


Work-Based Learning

Enable schools and districts to provide students access to local work-based learning (WBL) experiences.


College Planning

Stand-alone postsecondary search tool (colleges, trade schools/bootcamps, online/certificate programs) by various search criteria. 


Common App Integration

Students have the ability to link their Common App account with their Defined Careers account. Educators/counselors will be able to track application statuses among other application-related activities.