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Kristen Foote 
Kristen Foote

Instructional Leader

As a member of the Defined Learning team, Kristen Foote enjoys writing tasks for educators and students that are of high interest and very engaging.  She is passionate about providing opportunities for students to engage in authentic demonstrations of their learning. She believes there is value when students are presented with tasks that require productive struggles while maintaining a joyous learning environment. She loves to see students' rigorous thinking while confronting some of life's real-world problems.  
Kristen started her career working as a special education teacher in Columbus, Ohio, and then later continuing in this field in Cleveland, OH. Her special education experience ranged from kindergarten to eighth grade. She then got the opportunity to become an academic coach supporting the implementation of inquiry-based learning, in the redesign network of Cleveland. This opportunity allowed her to work with teachers and administrators in and out of the classroom. She had the opportunity to write project-based learning units and support her colleagues through professional development.  
Kristen currently lives in northeast Ohio, where she loves spending time with her two daughters and husband on the shores of Lake Erie.