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Defined Academy

Professional Learning to Build Foundational Knowledge & Skills

At Defined, we know the significance and importance of foundational learning. With partners’ needs in mind, we have created foundational professional learning courses and experiences that will prepare your team to incorporate Defined Learning, Defined Careers, and PBL with confidence.

Online Course with Jay McTighe 

jaypluspage@2xFormat: 4 self-paced modules, 45 minutes per module

Participants: Ideal for those new to PBL and Defined Learning

Led by renowned educator and award-winning author of the Understanding By Design series, Jay McTighe, this four-module online course will provide educators with a deeper understanding of the educational foundations, practical strategies, and applications of PBL and authentic performance tasks with Defined Learning.


Overview of Defined Learning or Defined Careers 

Format: Virtual and in-person options: 1.) Virtual, up to 2 hours with up to 50 educators, or 2.) In-person, up to 5 hours with up to 25 educators.

Participants: Ideal for those new to PBL and Defined Learning or Defined Careers 

This professional learning experience hosted either virtually or in person, is designed to introduce participants to the purpose, design, and implementation of Defined Learning in the classroom.

Overview of Defined Learning Coure: Both virtual and in-person courses, led by a Defined professional learning expert, will engage educators in identifying and customizing a Defined Learning performance task and its associated resources that can be used immediately in the classroom. In-Person participants will earn three Defined Micro-Credentials.

Overview of Defined Careers Course: Both virtual and in-person courses, hosted by a Defined professional learning expert, will introduce participants to the basics of Defined Careers including a walk-through of student and educator functionality, the default and foundational assessments and courses, as well as applications for authentic learning, reporting, and more. Based on the school or district's needs and goals, additional activities can be included to meet the needs of educators. 

Defined Learning: PBL Leadership Cohort

Format: Over the course of 8–10 flexibly scheduled weeks, up to 12 educators will participate in three 2-hour virtual meetings. For information on an in-person workshop, contact your Defined Partnerships Manager or schedule a call below.

Participants: Ideal for those new to PBL and Defined Learning 

The PBL Cohort program is designed to support a professional learning community of up to 12 educators focused on the work of authentic project-based teaching and learning. Using performance tasks, the learning cohort will work through planning, implementing, and reflecting on the use of Defined Learning and PBL.  Participants will have the opportunity to earn three Defined Micro-Credentials.

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The Learning Never Ends

Despite what your students may think, teachers don’t know everything. The key to inspire deeper learning is to pass on the skills of hands-on self-education. When instructor skills and understanding grow, student skills and understanding grow as well. The connections are clear. Supporting educators is vital to a healthy learning environment.