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Michelle Richter
Michelle Richter

Instructional Leader

Michelle began working with Defined Learning as a classroom teacher attending training and earning the microcredentials from Defined Learning in 2021.  Along with her coworkers, she earned the PBL Champion Medallion.  Michelle’s experience with PBL has been significantly positive for effectively designing curriculum to meet the needs of a diverse student population.  As a teacher of science and art, Michelle has a passion for making STEAM (science/technology/engineering/art/math) accessible and engaging for all students and believes that project-based learning offers the real-world problem-solving and learning opportunities that engage students, and instill exploration and critical thinking.   

Michelle has been a high school teacher for over 20 years, primarily in alternative settings such as continuation schools.  She holds a B.A. in studio arts and has professional experience in advertising and health science.  Michelle has served as a board member for an environmental education organization, led groups of her students on backpacking trips, and is a volunteer for multiple nonprofits benefiting environmental causes and animal welfare, and equine therapy for autistic children.  Michelle is passionate about the subjects she teaches, and continues to study and practice in both science and art.  She is in pursuit of National Board Certification and was recently honored to be named a 2022-23 Teacher of the Year in her district.  

Michelle lives in southern California.  She is an equestrian, lifelong learner, and loves spending time in the mountains and on the coast.