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Defined Careers

In the ever-changing college and career landscape, educators shoulder the monumental task of preparing every student for life after school. How do we make sure no student is left behind? Defined Careers™ helps educators level the playing field and ensures equitable access to career experiences for all students.

Expand Student Futures

The Tools Educators Need

Defined Careers is a comprehensive career exploration solution offering a personalized career assessment in combination with relevant hands-on projects across all career pathways.

How it Works

Defined Careers takes a holistic approach to help students discover their interests through a multi-dimensional assessment that assesses each students’ values, interests, and skills. The assessment results in a personalized list of recommended career pathways projects to help students explore and experience careers.


Student-led or teacher-led, each individual is able to hone their specific wants and abilities through the assessment process:




Key Components

Taking into consideration study preferences, interests, and values, Defined Careers helps students and educators alike realize what and how individual career readiness looks like.


Interest Inventory

Six areas of interest include Artistic, Conventional, Enterprising, investigative, Realistic, and Social.


Study Preferences

Students participate in a process to assist them in ranking preferred areas of study.


Values Inventory

Six areas of values include Achievement, Independence, Recognition, Relationships, Support, and Working Conditions.

Supporting Data


Start Your Students on a Path to a Promising Future

By starting students off on a pathway suited to their personalities, you can not only improve their current schooling, you can give them hope for an exciting adult world of possibilities. Education is constant. Let’s expand it.

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