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Defined Careers

College and career readiness platform that provides K-12 students with career exploration and experiences.

Defined Careers is the only online K-12 college and career readiness platform that helps schools and districts provide students with the opportunity to explore and experience careers through hands-on Project-Based Learning (PBL).

Defined Careers helps educators provide all students with the opportunity to experience careers and build future-ready skills. 

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Helping Students Prepare for the Future

Defined Careers takes a holistic approach to help students discover their interests through a multi-dimensional assessment that assesses each students’ values, interests, and skills.

The assessment results in a personalized list of recommended career pathways projects to help students explore and experience careers.


Hands-On Projects 

Provide students with a personalized list of careers to experience that align with their study preferences, interests, and values. Multiple hands-on projects across each pathway help students better understand if a career is a right fit for them.


Online Student Portfolio

Empower teachers and students with an easy-to-navigate online platform that includes a portfolio of the students’ projects from year-to-year. The portfolio allows students to showcase and share their published work.


Portrait of a Graduate

The Custom Plan section helps districts establish student progress towards their Portrait of a Graduate or other college, career, and life readiness skills while also providing students the opportunity to self-reflect on their educational journey and progress. 

Drive Postsecondary Outcomes

Practical, hands-on learning opportunities are an essential component of career education. Defined Careers allows students in grades K-12 to explore and experience hundreds of careers across all 79 career pathways through engaging, hands-on projects.

Defined Careers helps students understand what individual career readiness looks like.


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Engage Students in Career Experiences

In the third lesson of every Defined Careers course, students experience careers by completing real-world projects that provide students with a hands-on experience for that particular career.


Commercial and Industrial Designer

You are an Industrial Designer for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Your role is to develop and improve concepts for everyday outdoor products.

Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters

You are a Pipefitter and Steamfitter for the Murphy Contracting Company. You will be responsible for designing and laying pipe for the Soccer Stadium.

Game Designer

You are a Game Designer, and your role is to design a new character and storyline for a new Super Mario game.


Hazmat Technician

Your role as a Hazmat Technician for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources is to help clean up and remove oil from the coast of Louisiana impacted by an oil spill from a large oil tanker.


Your role as a Baker is to follow instructions from a recipe closely while understanding the needed ingredients and making sure of their quality.