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Jeanine Leys
Jeanine Leys

Instructional Leader

From a very young age, as in kindergarten, Jeanine knew she wanted to be a teacher. She asked her teachers to save extra dittos (remember those?!) so that she could utilize them with the neighborhood kids and her makeshift school, AKA her playhouse in the backyard. As a first generation college graduate within her own family, she has always been passionate about serving students as both an advocate and a cheerleader, helping them to unleash their potential and explore their own interests and passions as they generate a love for ongoing learning.

Jeanine brings a rich array of experiences to her work- as a former teacher, school and district leader, education consultant and 20+ years in education. She is dedicated to supporting learners of all ages by designing and facilitating authentic learning experiences in the areas of project based learning, flexible learning environments, STEM, educational technology and blended learning. In addition to this work, Jeanine serves on the Board of Trustees and Board of Advisors for two nonprofit independent schools in Northern California. Jeanine holds a MA in Education Technology from San Diego State University, along with California credentials for both teaching and administration.

Mrs. Leys resides in Northern California with her family and cooking and crafting with her littles, and any outdoorsy adventures.