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Angela Marzilli
Angela Marzilli

Instructional Leader

As an educator, Angela Marzilli believes that the more students can learn about the world the richer their lives will be. Educators take on the responsibility of creating the conditions students need to engage deeply in authentic, meaningful work. In her contract position as a curriculum writer at Defined, Angela hopes to help educators in this work by creating rigorous tasks that connect with students’ identities and help them develop thinking skills. She loves taking her curiosity about the world and channeling it into the integrated tasks she creates for Defined. 

Angela has spent her career as an educator in southern Maine, where she started out as a teacher of gifted math students in grades 3-8. She then moved on to be an elementary school classroom teacher in grades 3, 4, and 5. Angela is currently the Prek-12 STEM Coordinator in a public school district in southern Maine, where she focuses on professional learning in science, math, engineering, and project-based learning. 

Angela lives in southern Maine with her family, including her two young daughters. When she isn’t working, Angela enjoys going on adventures at the ocean and in the woods with her family. She also loves to read detective mysteries, play games (anything but Candyland), and watch musical theater.